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  • Can you ski anything groomed but have trouble in UNgroomed conditions?

  • Are you using your edges but still not cutting a REAL carve?

  • Have you been skiing for some time now but just can't breakthrough into ADVANCED skiing?

  • Have YOU hit the wall?

  • Then GOOD NEWS is HERE! - Read On...

Ski Instructor shows good Intermediate skiers
how to make the transition into Advanced skiing

Why is it that the vast majority of skiers
(Male or Female) are Intermediates, while a
minority are Beginners or true Experts?

Most skiers believe you learn to ski in a weekend and then practice for 20 years to get good at it. Nothing could be further from the truth!

What usually happens is that most skiers make the transition from Beginner to Intermediate skiing in a relatively short time, the learning curve is fast, but then they get stuck. Some remain stuck at that good Intermediate level for the rest of their skiing lives. Has that happened to you? Are you ready for the next level?

Have you ever wondered why so many Intermediates don't progress into Advanced and then become Expert? (HINT: it has nothing to do with fearlessness or strength.)

The answer is in these pages, so please explore them as much as you want.

Ask questions! Seek answers, 'cause...


The secret is to learn how to change the way you stand on skis, from that of a Beginner/Intermediate skier, to that of an Advanced/Expert skier. There really is a difference!

Once you learn how to achieve the stance and balance of an Expert skier, learning the skills for powder, bumps, crud, steep, ice - or even effortless carving on groomed runs - will be FINALLY within your reach.

Ski Instructor, Howard Davis, is a unique specialist in this area. He shows good Intermediate skiers how to make that breakthrough into Advanced skiing in THREE DAYS!! Are YOU ready to make the change?

Howard is available for Private Lessons on a one-on-one basis. However, he also helps facilitate individuals into small groups to share the cost of a Private Lesson. Call it a Semi-Private Lesson if you will. A Private Lesson costs the same whether there is one person in it, or six, so sharing makes sense.

He specializes in those who are prepared to seriously dedicate themselves in a concentrated effort to move into the next level. Are you prepared to WORK for such a change?

Having said that, you will NOT be intimidated. You will NOT be beaten up on the slopes, or taken into areas you are not comfortable with. You will NOT be terrified, or made to feel inadequate. You will NOT be thrown into the deep end or forced to 'keep-up'. And you will progress at YOUR pace.


Many Ski Instructors are SPECIALISTS.  That is, although they are able to teach all skiers of all ability levels, they specialize in certain areas due to their own individual experiences. Areas like bumps, powder, steeps, back-country, racing, terrain parks, etc.

There are also those who specialise in different LEVELS of skiing. Some focus on Beginners while others are terrific at the true Expert level.

Howard Davis is one such Specialist.

Howard gathers like-minded, motivated individuals, and forms them into small groups within the Private Lesson structure.  He then gives them a new foundation on which they can move into Advanced skiing.

The lessons are designed to PREPARE you for more challenging terrain. To give you the SKILLS necessary to move up and to improve your CONFIDENCE. To provide you with practical skills that you can PRACTICE and work on in your skiing until YOU are ready for more challenge.

Howard has been a PSIA Certified Instructor for many years and, before moving to the Telluride area, devised and Directed the BreakthroughPLUS! Specialty Program in Vail.
It was featured by the Vail Ski School During the 2002/3 ski season, and since then he has continued to teach and refine it in a Semi-Private lesson format. 

His work with good Intermediate skiers has earned praise and high student return rates for years.

He focuses specifically on strong Intermediates
(adult Males or Females) who are frustrated
by their lack of progress.

Invest this time in your skiing and your progress from
then on will be so much faster, exhilarating, and joyous!

The most common feedback is
"I wish I'd done this sooner?"
Don't deny yourself any longer!

Want to breakthrough into Advanced Skiing?
Then why not contact Howard and see if he's available.

Let him know what dates you will be skiing and he will attempt to find others of similar skiing abilities who would be interested in forming a small group to share the cost. (Remember: the price from one to six people is the same!)


Lay the foundation to take yourself
into the exciting world of TRUE
Advanced and Expert skiing!


Are You Ready?

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Do You Have Questions?
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We look forward to seeing you on the hill!

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